Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ohio Supreme Court rules against Podiatric pay parity lawsuit

Ohio Podiatric Medical Assoc (OPMA). vs Mary Taylor, Director and Superintendent of Insurance, Ohio Dept of Insurance (ODI)

The Supreme Court of Ohio ruled in favor of the State of Ohio's Department of Insurance in regards to its guidance on insurer payment differences between rates paid to Podiatrists versus to rates paid to Osteopathic and Allopathic physicians for identical services rendered. 

In Ohio, insurance payment rates to physicians are considered "private contractual matters between the provider and the third-party payer".   

The lawsuit was brought to the Supreme Court by the Ohio Podiatric Medical Association, following a declined rate adjustment by two major insurance providers for podiatric services.  When the OPMA sought intervention by the Department of Insurance, the administration, represented by director Mary Taylor, determined that the ODI did not have the authority to dictate parity in payments, therefore the private market is free to determine the pay rate schedules.

Click to view the entire ruling here

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