Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dr Wenstrup jumps into action to provide first aid during Congressional Shooting Incident

When a gunman opened fire on the Republican congressional baseball team practice on Wednesday morning, Cincinnati Republican Rep. Brad Wenstrup was ready.

As soon as the shooting stopped, Wenstrup, a podiatrist and U.S. Army Reserves physician who plays outfield on the team, sprang to the aid of Louisiana's Steve Scalise, who was wounded.

A congressman and at least one member of a congressional security detail were shot this morning during a baseball practice in suburban Washington.

According to a phone interview Wenstrup provided Fox News, he and Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake checked Scalise for wounds, made sure he was conscious, and gave him fluids like Gatorade until ambulance workers could provide an IV.

Scalise was conscious, thirsty and being "as brave as he could possibly be," said Wenstrup.
Wenstrup described the gunman as "an active shooter" who "moved from one position to another" where he had protection.

According to Wenstrup, the gunman initially fired on the baseball team practice with a rifle, and then started shooting with a pistol, possibly because he ran out of rifle ammunition. Then the police closed down on him.

"I'm glad I was there, but it's a sad day in America, that's for sure," Wenstrup told the network.
Wenstrup, an Iraq war veteran who holds the rank of colonel in the Army Reserves, became a member of Congress in 2013. His congressional district runs along much of Ohio's southern border.

He is one of Ohio's most conservative congress members.

He serves on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Armed Services Committee, as well as the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, where he chairs a health subcommittee. He is also podiatric surgeon, with a private practice in Cincinnati.

"Right now, I'm focused on those who were wounded," Wenstrup said when asked about the incident in a Capitol Hill hallway.

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 By Sabrina Eaton,

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